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We take the hassle out of home selling!

Selling your home can be stressful! At Kentucky Real Estate Buyers , we may buy your home directly, for cash and eliminate your stress. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Call us, email us, or fill out the contact form.

Step 2: Answer some basic questions about the house you want to sell. Questions such as whether you are the owner, or representing the owner, and if you have an idea of how much you want for your house, why do you want to sell the home, and the property address are examples of some of the information we need.

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We Do All the Leg Work

Step 3: Let us go to work! We will research selling prices for similar houses in the area. Don’t worry, we will not actually drive by your house or snoop around or anything like that.

We do not visit your house until we have made a preliminary cash offer and all parties are ready for the next step.

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Step 4: Once the preliminary cash offer has been made, and if our offer might be close to what you want for the house, we will schedule a time to meet so we can see your home in person.

If you decide not to sell to us, that’s okay too. We will not pressure you or harass you about selling your home. After we see your house, and if you are ready to sell, then we can draw up the contract and schedule a time to close.

Kentucky Real Estate Buyers Home Sell Contract

Agreement & Signed Contract

Step 5: After we view the home, and if all parties are still interested in making a deal, we will begin the process of agreeing on the final cash price.

Step 6: If we agree on a sale price, then we have to decide on a closing date, and moving date. The, we will get the contracts ready. After we have a signed contract we may or may not decide to have a property inspection (typically not) and then we can proceed with the closing.

We will not ask you to make any repairs to the property, we buy all houses in as-is condition.

Step 7: Celebrate and cash your check!

Depending on each unique property and seller situation, the process may differ for each individual purchase, but the above is a typical description of how it works.

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That’s the Easy Process!

It really is that easy! We hope you will pick up the phone and call us, or feel free to email.

We look forward to speaking with you about your home.

My four unit property was listed with a realtor for over a year and we received one offer to purchase but it didn’t work out because the buyer’s financing fell through. I received a postcard from Kentucky Real Estate Buyers around the time my listing expired. I called and they made me an offer the very same day they looked at the property. We closed within a few weeks!

Ralph B.

My dad left me his property when he passed away and it needed a lot of work because he wasn’t able to maintain it as well the last years of his life. I did not want to spend the time and money dealing with contractors. Alan made a cash offer and we closed in a week. Thank you for keeping it simple!

Jean P.

I called Kentucky Real Estate Buyers about my home that I needed to sell immediately to move out of state because of a new job. Alan and Lauren bought the house within two weeks and I was able to leave the state with no worries.

Bill R.

We are local real estate buyers that specialize in buying houses quickly in their current condition. We buy houses for cash and can help with a multitude of housing situations, including sudden relocation, financial need, unruly tenants, extensive repairs, and inheriting unwanted property. We proudly serve the greater Lexington, KY area and the surrounding counties, including Bourbon, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Scott, Clark, Jessamine, and Woodford.

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