Popular Cash for Home Reasons:

There are a number of reasons to sell your home fast and we have seen them all.

  • If your property is in need of extensive repairs that you don’t want to do, or can’t afford.
  • Did you inherit a property you don’t want or need? Maybe you live in a different city or state and owning another home is not practical.
  • Sudden relocation
  • Tired of unruly tenants in a rental property
  • Financial issues and so many more reasons to sell your home fast can be found below.

If one of these sounds like your situation, call the Kentucky Real Estate Buyers today! Offering you cash for your home, flexible closing dates, moving dates, and a willingness to work on your schedule make Kentucky Real Estate Buyers the leader in the Central Kentucky area. Call us today for more information or to get started.

Sell Your Home In Kentucky

Your Home Selling Situation

Every seller has a unique situation and reason for wanting to sell their home quickly. We have gained experience from working with many sellers over the years and we can understand the situations that many sellers face.

We hope you will call us first for the opportunity to make a cash offer on your home.

Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast-Sudden Relocation Kentucky


It can be so exiting to move to a new town or take a job that moves you to a new place, but what do you do with your house?

This can be extremely stressful for people who are moving or have moved hours or more away from Lexington and they suddenly have a vacant house to deal with. Don’t let your house stay vacant while you continue to pay taxes, insurance and utilities, let us buy it instead!

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Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast-Inherited Property In Kentucky

Inherited Property

An inherited property can hold a lot of emotion and many people find it difficult to decide what to do. This can be a time consuming process as the property must go through probate before it can be sold.

The probate process gives you some time to make decisions, but even after that, many people will let a property stay vacant because there are emotions involved and it is a difficult time. Many inherited properties have dated wiring, roofing, plumbing and HVAC, not to mention décor. We will not ask you to make any repairs to the house, we buy all property in as-is condition.

Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast In Kentucky-Bad Tenants

Bad Tenants

We could write a novel about the frustration of managing property! If you are a landlord, I do not need to explain how difficult it can be, I am sure you understand! Many people find themselves stuck with a rental property, such as an inherited property they decided to rent out.

Or, maybe you have owned rental property for years and it’s time for retirement. If you are tired of managing property, give us a call to discuss selling. Not only do we buy single family homes, we also buy multi-unit properties.

Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast In Kentucky-Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

If it is time for you to downsize or upsize from your current home, and you are looking for a no hassle, quick sale of your home, then Kentucky Real Estate Buyers can help you!

We have even made arrangements for an owner to rent the home from us while they looked for a new home.

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Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast In Kentucky-Vacated Property

Vacant Home

It can be a financial and emotional drain to own a vacant house. The longer your house is vacant the higher your risk for vandalism and theft. Unfortunately many thieves will target vacant homes to strip copper wiring and pipes.

The expenses can add up if you are still making mortgage payments, paying for property taxes, utility bills and homeowners insurance (which can be higher on vacant homes). Instead of letting your house stay vacant, contact us to discuss a quick sale for cash.

Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast In Kentucky-Financial Issues

Financial Distress

If you are in financial distress and are at risk of losing your home, you must act quickly before the bank takes your house. Many people who find themselves in financial distress will take too long to act and then it is too late. We are familiar with the foreclosure process and the worst outcome is to let your house be sold on the courthouse steps.

Take action now to save your credit. If you are behind on your mortgage, have tax liens or other debt liens on your house, please call us today. There is no time to wait and we have the ability to purchase your house fast!

Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast In Kentucky-Home Repairs

Extensive Repairs

If your home needs extensive repairs and you do not have the desire or means to fix up your house, then we are the right buyers for your situation.

Unlike many traditional home buyers, we at Kentucky Real Estate Buyers are not afraid of tackling BIG projects! You may be expected to make significant repairs to your home if you list in on the open market. Call us first before you spend the money and energy fixing up your house.

My four unit property was listed with a realtor for over a year and we received one offer to purchase but it didn’t work out because the buyer’s financing fell through. I received a postcard from Kentucky Real Estate Buyers around the time my listing expired. I called and they made me an offer the very same day they looked at the property. We closed within a few weeks!

Ralph B.

My dad left me his property when he passed away and it needed a lot of work because he wasn’t able to maintain it as well the last years of his life. I did not want to spend the time and money dealing with contractors. Alan made a cash offer and we closed in a week. Thank you for keeping it simple!

Jean P.

I called Kentucky Real Estate Buyers about my home that I needed to sell immediately to move out of state because of a new job. Alan and Lauren bought the house within two weeks and I was able to leave the state with no worries.

Bill R.

We are local real estate buyers that specialize in buying houses quickly in their current condition. We buy houses for cash and can help with a multitude of housing situations, including sudden relocation, financial need, unruly tenants, extensive repairs, and inheriting unwanted property. We proudly serve the greater Lexington, KY area and the surrounding counties, including Bourbon, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Scott, Clark, Jessamine, and Woodford.

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