Know Someone Selling a House in Lexington KY? Cash for Referrals! Call Today To Refer Kentucky (KY) Homes

Know Someone Selling a House in Lexington KY? Cash for Referrals!

While you may not be at a point in your life where you feel as though you have a need to move on from your current home, it’s likely there is someone in your life that is. We are here to help! Both you and that person looking to sell can benefit from our deal! Know someone selling a Lexington house? Get cash for referrals! With this deal, both you and your friend can make some cash!

Selling a home can be a challenge, so one of the things you can do when you know someone is looking to sell their home is offer suggestions of how to go about it. When you suggest to your friend that we are here to help, they can expect an incredible service. No more realtors. No more getting your hopes up that the nice family is going to buy your home and then they don’t.

We take the hassle out of home selling, so by referring someone to us, they get relief and you get a cash bonus. Who doesn’t love an extra pay day, especially just for recommending someone to our company. This gives you the option of saving that money for a rainy day or you can take it and spend it on something fun for your family to do.

How We Work

You may be reading this and you may not know exactly how we work. Of course, we don’t expect you to refer anyone to us if you don’t understand what we do! Kentucky Real Estate Buyers buys homes from just about anyone. It is an incredibly simple process that begins with a few simple questions regarding the house that is being sold. We will then work on researching reasonable prices of homes that are in the area of similar stature.

Next, we offer a preliminary cash offer before we even see the home. If this number is close to what is wanted for the house, then, after that, we will set up a time to see the home and assess further. After seeing the home, we will draw up a contract and schedule a time to close. After all is said and done, the seller will walk away with a pretty nice check. It’s that easy!

If you think this may work for someone in your life, we would love for you to recommend that they contact us. All they have to do is call us, email us, or fill out our contact form on our website. Once they tell us who referred them, then you will get your cash bonus!

If you are looking to sell your home quickly and without the hassle, Kentucky Real Estate Buyers is here to help. If you don’t know who we are, we are a group of area professionals who are looking to purchase properties in Lexington and the surrounding Central Kentucky area. Even if you aren’t sure it is, there is a good chance your home might be exactly what we are looking for, so why not give us a call. With our simple seven step process, it is so easy to sell a home, completely stress free!

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